Frequently Asked Questions

What questions should I ask a contractor?

How long have you been in business?
Look for a company with an established business history in your community. Surviving in any business in today’s competitive marketplace is a difficult task. Most successful contractors are proud of their history in the industry


Are you licensed and insured?
California State License Board requires contractors to be licensed and bonded for work over $500. California also requires a contractor to carry worker’s compensation. In addition make sure your contractor has liability insurance, for property damage and personal liability. Ask the contractor for his Pocket License and verify with a Driver’s License.


Are there design services available?
If you are considering a large or involved project, you will need design services. A design build firm is a one stop shop for design and constructions services.


Will we need a permit for this project?
All cities require permits for remodeling projects and building alterations. Failure to obtain the necessary permits or to arrange obligatory inspections can be illegal. In some cases, if a project violates a zoning law or some other regulations, it may even have to be demolished if there is no way to comply with the law. A qualified remodeling contractor will be conscious of the permit process, and ensure that all permits have been obtained before initiating any work


“I am writing you just to say how grateful and appreciative we are over the quality of work, service and attention to detail your company had during our wine cellar installation. You have a sharp crew and I wish you continued success. You made the project smooth easy and honest.”
Alejandro, Fremont Homeowner