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Universal Design

“Universal Design”, “aging in Place” and “Barrier Free” are phrases which encompass the same objective; allowing people of all ages and abilities to live comfortably in their homes for years to come. Our homes need to accommodate our lifestyle as our needs change. Many believe that Universal Design has an institutional appearance, this is a misnomer, barrier free spaces can be beautiful and functional if designed properly. From raising small children to caring for an aging parent, universal design will enhance your homes value.

Baby boomers are approaching the traditional retirement age, many will look to remodeling to help them continue living in their homes independently, Universal Design is one solution.  Wider hallways and doorways, step in or roll in showers, railings, ramps and elevators are a few examples of Universal Design.  We need to understand the family dynamics and create a functional as well as beautiful environment.

Communication with our elderly clients is key to a successful design. We will team up with Occupational Therapists to meet this end. The OT’s can help our team evaluate the client’s current and future physical needs. Aging clients are often reluctant to face the need to modify their home. They must understand these modifications will not only increase thier ease of living but make thier home appealing to thoes of all ages and abilities.


“I am writing you just to say how grateful and appreciative we are over the quality of work, service and attention to detail your company had during our wine cellar installation. You have a sharp crew and I wish you continued success. You made the project smooth easy and honest.”
Alejandro, Fremont Homeowner