A Proven Process

Strong Construction provides a complimentary consultation with all of our remodeling services. This session takes place at the potential client’s home. During this meeting we determine if design services are needed by acquiring information from the homeowners.

  • What are they trying to achieve with this remodel?
  • Are there problems to be solved or goals to be achieved?
  • What activities will take place, is the space to be multi-functional?
  • Who will be using the remodeled areas; are there children or elderly family members?
  • What is their budget? No idea? We will give them an estimated range to begin from.

After obtaining their list of needs, wants, budget and lifestyle; we will determine whether or not a design phase is necessary. Many times the project is straight forward and construction documents can be created without a design phase; however larger projects, room additions and re-working the original footprint of the home will require our Design/Build approach. Our design/build course of action is made up of 2 phases and 2 contracts.


“Strong Construction really made us feel that our needs were number one. It’s a pleasure to do business with a company that gets this!”
Larry & Jeanne, Fremont Homeowner